Tuesday, 10 August 2010

How does your neighbourhood grow?

Sheffield City Council is currently talking to people about the part of the Sheffield Development Framework that looks at City Policies and Sites. This focuses on places in Sharrow in a lot more detail and so will impact on the day to day life. These include:

• Residential (Housing, flats etc) no longer being an acceptable use of the ground floor units along London Road District Centre. This is so that it is retained as shops, restaurants and takeaways, drawing people in to the area and serving the needs of local people.

Abbeydale Road will be contracted into three smaller neighbourhood centres rather than running the full length of the road. This will offer the potential for residential uses between these sections of shops .

Shoreham Street and Worstenholme Road would not be designated as neighbourhood centres. This is due to National Planning Policy which states that “small parades of Shops of purely neighbourhood significance are not regarded as centres”.

• The Lower Porter Valley area would have a preferred use of Offices.

Guernsey Road area and the Queens Road corridor is proposed for a flexible range of
employment uses with housing no longer accepted.

• The John Street area would be subdivided into two mixed use areas with a respective bias towards housing for the John Street Triangle Conservation Area and Offices for the area along Bramall Lane. This would mean that general industry and warehouses would no longer be accepted. This would have an impact on sites such as Stag andPortland Works .

• Protection is given to historic cemeteries as well as parks and gardens, this means the General Cemetery and St Mary’s Church.

Gateways to the city centre will be improved. The policies at the moment specify that this will be to create striking tall buildings at the ring road .

It is currently possible to comment on these proposals and to view them on the proposals map. This can be accessed at www.sheffield.gov.uk/sdfconsult .

For more info see: Sharrow Today issue August 2010 page 8.

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