Monday, 22 December 2008

Flags Update: London Road

Lantern making workshops

Flags- mock up idea for design..

In spring next year, flags, designed in workshops run by CAN, (who run the Lantern Festival Workshops, will be hoisted on buisnesses at the top of London Road.

The workshops will run early next year in venues around Sharrow. If you would like to be involved in the making workshops, or you have a business on London Road and would be intertested in hoisting a flag, please contact either Julia Udall at Sharow Community Forum: or Lu Golob at CAN

Meeting Place on Lloyds Corner

Space for Art on Lloyds Corner

1. Art Gallery, New York, Steven Holl
2. Paintings in Paris

3. Pumpkins in Birmingham

Planting/ Greening Lloyds Corner

1. Sunflowers, Schiphol Airport

2. Green wall, London

3. Paley park, NYC

4. Green wall, Paris

One of the ideas to make a tree covered space is to make tree hats out of willow... any other ideas?

Place for games and interaction on Lloyds Corner

One of the ideas for the space that has been popular with people we have spoken to so far has been a placce for games or interaction. The images above are (from top to bottom)

1. Andy Wahol, 'The Lindy Tuckk and Turn Man'
2. Hop scotch that lights up as you jump on it

3. Boule on Bastille Day in NYC

4. Scissors, paper, stone- grafitti showing point for games play

5. No Mind Ganmes sign, Shoreditch

6. Chess board (pieces could be stored in Lloyds Chemsists or other local shop)

7. Pop up lampposts that become a cinema screen

In order to try some of these games out we could do with some chalk, some ideas of how to make chess pices, boule balls or some images that we could pin uup on the wall to chow it is a place for games... Does anyone have any other ideas for games that could be played here?

Surface treatment of Lloyds Corner

One of the key ideas for the development of lloyds corner was to apply a treatment to the paving- this could be colour, texture or even something responsive such as musical paving that makes a sound when people walk on it...

The images above (from top to bottom) are 1. Objects set into resin set in paving (sorry its so unclear, but use your imagination!)2. Musical paving in Bedofrdshire, 3. Dublin Docks, and 4. & 5. the Blue Carpet in Newcastle.

In order to try these ideas out it would be useful to have:

Large piece of fabric/ carpet/ precussion instruments/ ?..

Lloyds Corner Making Workshop 17th January 2009

We will be making a series of stage sets detailed above, please blog to contribute:

1. Ideas for how these can be developed/ be more exciting/ allow people to engage with them
2. Materials and ideas of how to make them
3. Time either at the making workshop and/or the event

You can do this by commenting on each of the titled stage sets, either by adding photos or text

Friday, 19 December 2008

Bird and Bee/ Handspring Design

Si Applied

Tom Pearman

Dave Appleyard

“Welcome to Sharrow” Signpost project

We have now commissioned an artist for the ‘Welcome to Sharrow’ signposts competition. Artists from all over the country expressed an interest in the project; the commissioning process was very challenging due to the very high standard of entries.

The successful candidate, chosen from a shortlist of four, is collaborative, using the skills and knowledge of ‘Handspring Design’ and ‘Bird and Bee’. Handspring’s website is and 'Bird and Bee's' is We felt that they had a very high quality of final product, strength in a variety of mediums and great experience of running creative involvement programmes and workshops.

The project commences in mid January and the design phase will run for six weeks. There will be a number of workshops where you can get involved in the design process. Details of when, where and how to get involved will be posted here as the project develops.

The shortlisted artists we: Si Applied, Dave Appleyard, Tom Pearman, Bird and Bee/ Handspring Design. Above are some of the images sent to us during the shortlisting process; a copy of the brief is available from

Friday, 12 December 2008

Minutes from Meeting Tuesday 9th December

Attendees Luisa Golob (Chair) Laurance Pattacini Julia Udall Catherine Crompton

The minutes of this meeting have now been removed. Please contact the action group at if you would like a copy of these minutes

Monday, 8 December 2008

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be Tuesday 8th December at 6.30 in the meeting room at the Old Junior School. Please forward any agenda items to Lu!