Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Lowfield My Place Consultation

Please visit the Lowfield Blog to find out about the proposals for the development of the open space and new youth facilities.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Empty Shops Meeting Notes

Notes from the Shops meeting

Please find below the key information from the empty shops meeting.

· We will create an umbrella organisation and identity for empty shops projects throughout the city. This should help us gain publicity and also help link together people who are interested in this type of project. We have agreed this with the Sheffield University Empty Quarter Live project and they will mention this in their final report to Sheffield City Council.

· Our empty shops project will run alongside Art Sheffield, which is from March- May 2009. We will aim to secure four shops and have a number of artists in each on a rolling programme.

· We will need to make an application for funding ideally before Christmas as the Arts Council take 3 months to decide an application for over £5,000.

· We are looking for one or two people who may be interested in looking at the funding application for this project. Julia will be in contact to see if anyone is willing to pursue this.

· We will create a website which will include Sheffield Empty Shops information, such as contacts, other projects and reports (inc Empty Quarter Project Report), creative ideas, useful information. CM will look in to the creation of this.

Next Meeting: Treasure Hunt

Our next meeting to make a series of clues for the treasure hunt will be on Saturday 31st October at 10am... It will be held in the Distinctive Sharrow Action group room at the Old junior school. Please come along to help make clues...

Entry to the treasure hunt will be promoted at the Winter market and forms will also be available to download from the Sharrow Community forum Website and this blog. The prize for the winner will be a signed SUFC Shirt!

Please contact julia@sharrowcf.org.uk for more details...

Please RSVP for this Saturday's meeting

Hallam Volunteers?

We have very kindly had the offer of some volunteers from sheffield hallam univeristy for a day of intense creative project work. It would be great to get an exciting self-contained DS Action Group project for them to be involved with... please offer your suggestions here, (so far i have recived the following):

Dear Julia> > What a good idea and lots of potential. It might be useful to remain focus and> try to pursue some of the idea of our last meeting. How about to produce> robust noticable objects to position in strategic positions in Sharrow> identifying the potential sites for intervention and requesting people's ideas,> opinion about the site. A sort of letter box. This could be combined with the> art trail and the treasure hunt we talked about.> > Just an idea...> > See you soon> > Laurence

Thursday, 15 October 2009


hello folks,

There is an Action group meeting tonight at 6pm at Action Group HQ in the Old Junior School on South View Road. Please come along...

Monday, 12 October 2009

London Road Empty Shop Project Meeting

For those involoved with the London Road empty shop art project there is a meeting on Wednesday 14th 6pm at the Action Group headquarters.

We will discuss:

- The possibilities of producing a rolling programme of events over the course of one/two months, as the amount of shops we secure may be small.

- Possibilities of linking the project in some way with other projects using vacant spaces around the city.

- Titles!

- Updates from Sheffield Showcase tour and other meetings/advice.

- What we are all able to offer and set a timescale.

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you there.


Sheffield University Live Project- The Moor Empty Shops

Sheffield University Architecture students are running a 'Live Project' based in the empty shops in the Moor area of Sheffield City centre. Their project will be a useful one to inform us and form links for future projects.

They will be holding an event this Friday, please see flyer for details. (click on image to enlarge)


Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Inspiration for our interactive sharrow map:

'stick on city' by German architects/artists Raumlabour


Curtains for the Action group room?

...we desperately need curtains for the action group room so that we can do presentations on powerpoint/ show films... does anyone have any spare or have they seen some on freecycle?

...please contact sharrow_action@hotmail.com if you can help...

many thanks

Next Action Group Meeting

A meeting to welcome our new Action Group members and to plan future projects will be held in Distinctive Sharrow Action Group HQ, at the Old Junior School on Thursday 15th October at 6pm.

Please RSVP, it would be great to see you there!
Action Group Meeting Agenda

6pm Thursday 15th October 2009

1. Introductions to new members, potential new members and volunteer forms for all

2. Review of contributions on Housewarming night and discussion of potential new projects/ capacity/ desires to see things happen/ links to other groups

3. You choose £1,000 funding. Do we want to apply and if so what would the project be?
4. Brief discussion of community consultation that is ongoing and potential role for the action group
5. Wintermarket- do we have a stall/ presence/ role?

6. Any other business

7. Next meeting

Empty Shops Planning meeting

The next meeting for Empty Shops will be Wednesday 14th October at 6pm at Action Group HQ, the Old Junior School, South View Road, Sharrow. Please RSVP, we look forward to seeing you there.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Tell me about yourself... or Sharrow...


The Distinctive Sharrow Housewarming on Wednesday 23rd September was a really fun evening where we chatted, found out about each other, collected people's ideas and let people know about the projects which we have been involved in...

Our displays told people about:
1. Distinctive Sharrow / The Distinctive Sharrow Toolkit
2. The Action Group
3. Our future plans
4. The four key projects: i. flags, ii. signs (the word on the street), iii. Lloyds corner, iv. empty shops

During the evening we asked people to add to:
1. The display about people of Sharrow (by telling us something about themselves or their relationship with Sharrow and chalk in on a board and have their portrait taken)
2. A map of Sharrow painted on the wall (telling us a project idea, something we should know about Sharrow, or something that inspires them about Sharrow)
3. A display of exciting ideas, ways to act, art, architecture, landscape or design projects they love. (either by making a card or chalking on the wall)

The photos below give a glimpse of some of the input/ ideas that came back. A comprehensive collation of this will be posted on the blog and this will go on to inspire our agenda for the next few months.

We have also had an expression of interest from a few new members and hope they are still keen to be involved- a meeting will be confirmed asap to welcome them into the group. Watch this space!