Tuesday, 30 June 2009

flags-good news

The flags are going up today!

Splashes of culture along london road

Flags are being put up on London road this week to celebrate our community, our local shops, organizations and such, that are placed along this road. It should 'brighten up the place' also as they have been designed by local people and youth they should and hopefully will be more appreciated. With Jazzy logo's, font and pictures they will add a certain something and make our already well rounded area seem more whole and cultural. Also it is a good chance to show the artistic side of the locals and a welcoming site to visitors. It also expresses the more secluded art that seem to be hidden on London road, showing that there are many people and hidden talents beneath the well-rounded community.

minutes: Empty shops and artists

Minutes: ‘Empty Shops and Artists’, 16th June 2009, 6.30pm
Present: Luisa Golob, Charlotte Morgan, Rosalie Wyatt, Catherine Crompton
Apologies: Julia Udall, Mel Pearson

The minutes of this meeting have now been removed. Please contact the action group at sharrow_action@hotmail.com if you would like a copy of these minutes

welcome to sharrow signpost

Phase 2 of the Welcome To Sharrow –
Signpost Commission is about to ensue.
After the success of Phase 1 during the Lantern Festival we are taking the idea forward
of using The Letters that spell out WELCOME TO SHARROW. So rather than going for
your average Welcome sign we decided to make this a central feature within the Sharrow
Community. The broader idea is to create a sculptural network throughout the Sharrow
Boundary Area which can be used as a map to discover hidden stories, places and features
within distinctive Sharrow.

Stage 1 Review
Taking the 16 Letters that spell out WELCOME TO SHARROW we made anagrams and
different words out of them and placed them in different locations in and around
Sharrow, that we felt were relevant to these areas. These have been recorded and will
become used in the culmination of the project.

The Idea
Continuing the theme of letterforms from Phase 1, I would
like to propose the idea of placing 7 cast-concrete letterform
sculptures in 7 locations within the Sharrow Boundary.
The 7 letter installations that make up the word SHARROW
will be called.....

So far locations have been determined by creating an even
spread within Sharrow, by looking at the cycle routes and
walks and by the viability of the intended sites.
I am currently in contact with the planning office at Sheffield
County Council and will work with them closely to secure the
intended sites.

I would prefer the sites to be slightly more away from the
roadside and pavements. One for safety reasons and visibility
and two because the letterforms look beautiful when they are
in more natural surroundings. This is why the preferred sites
are on grass banks or nearby trees. There is also opportunity
for planting flowers, shrubs or creepers at the base of each

word on the street

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Next Meeting

Sharrow Action Group on
Tuesday 16th june at 6.30pm.
please come along!
to the 'old sharrow junior school'
(empty shop fronts and artists)
Draft Agenda
1. What do we want to achieve?
2. Next steps: Liaising with landlords and agents
3. Available resources
4. Definition of roles
5. Any other business
6. Next meeting
Please email any additions or queries to Luisa Golob http://www.blogger.com/ or Charlotte Morgan charlotte.anne.morgan@googlemail.com;

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Sharrow Today article on 'Welcome to Sharrow' signposts

Action Group Minutes

Tuesday 19th May 2009, the Old Junior School, 6:30pm
Attendance: Rosalie Wyatt, Luisa Golob, Jean Cromar, Laurence Pattacini, Ross Gilbertson, Julia Udall, Colin Havard,

1. Apologies: Mel Pearson, Catherine Crompton, Charlotte Morgan, Paula Ridsdale

The minutes of this meeting have now been removed. Please contact the action group at sharrow_action@hotmail.com if you would like a copy of these minutes

Vacant Shops and Artists: Advice from Meanwhile Space

I am from Meanwhile Space, a Community Interest Company working with the Development Trusts Association on (the Government's) Meanwhile project to boost community uses of empty properties in our town centres. We're currently at an early stage where we’re gathering intelligence about what’s already happening and exploring/developing/testing the approach in some particular places.

It is a sticky process and can be really quite cumbersome with business rates, and getting the landlords, agents and council onside, which is why we are trying to gather as much intelligence of what people are actually doing to try and make it easier.

You mention the possibility of council tax exemption if you occupy the spaces. It's quite a complicated and cloudy situation - if you are a registered charity, you automatically get 80% relief from business rates and the remaining 20% is up to the council to grant you exemption. If you are a not-for-profit organisation, it is up to the council to decide if they wish to grant you exemption for any of the business rates so it's obviously important to have the council backing you to get relief from rates if you aren't a charity. Properties over £15,00 Rateable Value (you can check your property here if you know the address: http://www.voa.gov.uk ) are liable to pay business rates after 3 months of being empty (a new law since 2008) so landlords paying business rates would have a further incentive if you could relieve this financial pressure for them.

We are hoping to get a meanwhile website up and running as soon as possible to enable people to talk about problems and issues as well as positive avenues so we will let you know when that goes live and hopefully it will help to talk with others who have done it already/ are experiencing it now about any problems you have along the way. Meanwhile, please do keep us updated with your progress, and do get in touch with any queries you may have.