Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Ive finished the flyer. Again if anyone has any comments let me know and ill try to incorporate them before we start sending them out next week!

Flyer now updated in line with feedback. 4th August 2009. I will confirm our guest list next week and mail them out w/c 17th August. This should give a months notice to our guests. Please contact with guest list suggestions.
The invitations to the event have now been posted out, however if there is someone you still think we should invite, let me know and I can add them to the list.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Meanwhile Space

Updated info on empty shop fronts.... This is really exciting- lots of great projects such as cinema in shops, art, etc...

and they fund projects too! please check this out...

Our contact at Meanwhile Space is the lovely Emily Miller- and we have now joined as the Distinctive Sharrow Action Group- contact for the password/ username if you want to log on as the action group and do some investigating...

streets in sharrrow?...

ideas for greening streets... stolen from sheffield univeristy architecture students...

Action Group HQ- previous years flyer

Excitingly Adam has also volunteered to have a think about the flyer for this years housewarming event... Watch this space! + Previous years flyer for information...

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

new logo

i had a first go at a new distinctive sharrow logo to help us with the launch of the new HQ. eagle eyed sharrowers will spot the lantern / signposts theme. id like ppl to let me know what they think - comments/ suggestions/ improvements most welcome...

Empty Shops: Letters to landlords

I have now sent out the above letter to landlords for vacant retail units on London Road and Abbeydale Road. We will contact them early next week to try to confirm the scale of the proposed festival. It is hoped that once the number of units is ascertained we can really get going!

Monday, 20 July 2009


Below is a list of people and groups that we have discussed inviting to our housewarming event on 23rd September 2009. Please add anyone (groups and/or individuals) that are missing to the list...

- Sharrow Action Group extended mailing list
-Sheffield Civic Trust
-Sheffield City Council planners
- Abbeydale Communities Together
- Nether Edge neighbourhood Group
-Broomhall Forum
-Grow Sheffield
-SUFI Centre planning group
- Portland Works businesses
-Sharrow Forum
-Lansdowne TARA
-Sheffield University landscape students
- Sam Vardy, Doina Petrescu, Renata Tyszczuk, Florian Kossak, and Carolyn Butterworth + others? from Sheffield Univeristy Architecture Department

-Who else?... either post, comment or email asap...

I will hopefully design an invitation soon in order to mail out early august...(if you would be happy to help with this, please drop me a line!)...

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Distinctive Sharrow Action Group HQ

This is room is soon to be Action Group HQ- it has potential!
Last night we met to design our Sharrow Action Group HQ! I will circulate minutes, but if you are not on our current mailing list and would like a copy, please contact me on:

We will have a decorating day on 15th August 2009. Please attend if possible and invite anyone else you can! I will bring lunch... so please let me know if you can come so i know how much to bring...

We will need the following- please post if you can help with any of the items below:

· Paint! (Plus paintbrushes, rollers, roller trays, masking tape, turps etc) We may be able to get paint donated by Chris Stoke from Stokes Tiles (2589595) or Freecycle. We need people to follow up these contacts.
· Card. Loxley Print Limited may donate some to us- Paul German is Jean Cromar’s contact. This needs to be followed up.
· Display boards: Adam and Catherine have some a1 display boards which they will kindly donate. We may need some more in the future, but this should be fine for now.
· Furniture: We have access to plenty of furniture, which may need repairing/ patching up. We have a plan chest which will fit A1 drawings. but as the room is used we may find other essential items that we can find at a later date. When we have the painting day we can pick furniture and see what needs to be done. It is agreed that we will try to keep this to a minimum at the moment.
· Rugs/ plants/ lamps/ things to make it feel homely... From freecycle- keep a look out but we don’t want to over clutter...
· Base map on acetate/ projector to paint map on wall. (Julia will provide this)
· Sheet and sewing things and fabric pens to make portable map (This could be done at a later date)...
· Cleaning stuff (Julia will source this)
· Velcro/ picture fixings/ scissors/ tape/ pens, paper/ other crafty type things etc (Julia will try to provide as much of this as possible, but if you have anything, bring it along)
. Any other items you think will be useful (this may not be a comprehensive list!)

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Locations for Letters: Word on The Street

Locations for the letters of SHARROW have been proposed for the 'word on the street' project.

To view them, please follow:,-1.477726&spn=0.047314,0.153637&t=h&z=13&msid=105823011159451401874.00046e1bbc489622742aa

Comments welcome!