Thursday, 28 January 2010

We Love Sharrow: Banner by Caroline Topham

Thanks so much to Caroline Topham who made this ace banner proclaiming her and our love for Sharrow...

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Energy Training Tonight!

We will meet at the South Yorkshire Energy Centre at 5.25 tonight for the Energy Training.

Alternatively, meet me at the Old Junior School at 4.50 if you would like to walk up there together.

If you have any queries, please give me a call 0114 2508384, thanks.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Art Trail: Call for facilitators

We are hosting Sheffield Hallam Student Volunteers next month. Their brief will be to create an art trail throughout sharrow...

The workshops will be held on Friday 19th Feb and Friday 26th Feb from 12.30pm... We are currently looking for volunteers to help facilitate...

Our aims for the project are that:

1. The students find out more about the area- and therefore may be more likely to come here/ think more positively about what sharrow has to offer...
2. They draw people who live, work and play in sharrows attention to aspects of sharrow that excite them/inspire them and/or are critical of things- so perhaps comment on the way space is used/ link places together...
3. They have to talk to local businesses/ people at the potential locations of the signs and so converstaions start and negotioations start... people start talking about the area and what is distinctive/ important
3. We create a map of their signs and distribute it around schools/ shops/ local people/ students and get poeple walking aorund at looking at sharrow more generally...

We need facilitators for the two workshops- the first would be presenting the area/ themes in the brief and going for a walk around with the students, provoking them, getting then to look at/ know the area better... then help them to come back and discuss ideas for their groups signs... and begin to design them...

The second workshop would be the making of the signs... we have some bought materials as we have fairly substantial pot of money (about £400) and also will hope to salvage materials etc...

The students could also have a small budget per group (from hallam) of about £40 to buy extras if they needed them...

We are expecting 40-50 students to attend and i thought that they could form 8 groups of 5 students (two groups per theme and area- 'create'- the john street triangle... 'play'- the parks and schools, 'gather'... the community buildings (inc sufc!) and 'trade'- london road area)...

I think it is important for the facilitators to push with how the students would interpret these themes... and get them to be as creative as possible... (so play could be about lots of things- a full page of defintions according to the online dictionary- i like Quick, often irregular movement or action, especially of light or color: the play of color on iridescent feathers.)

so please drop me a line at if you might like to be involved...

Monday, 11 January 2010

Portland Works: Alternative Futures

The next meeting about Portland Works will be held in the Sharrow Suite of the Old Junior School on South View Road at 5pm on Tuesday 12th January. Please RSVP if you wish to attend.

Treasure Hunt: The Winners!

The Distinctive Sharrow Treasure Hunt was drawn last Saturday by Catherine Crompton and Nic Bate of the Action Group.

The Winners are:

First prize: Signed Sheffield United Shirt 'Ella Havard'
Second Prize: Creative Live!Cam Webcam 'Adrian Woudstra'
Third Prize: Wireless Internet Dongle 'Josh Christie'

Congratulations to our winners and many thanks to SUFC and ESP for their kind donation of the prizes.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Action Group Events in January and February

Saturday 9th January 10am-1pm: Empty Shops and Artists Funding Workshop meet at the OJS

Saturday 16th January 10-1pm: Lloyds Corner Design Workshop at Action Group HQ, the OJS

Wednesday 27th January 5.30pm: South Yorkshire Energy Centre Training, meet at the centre, 5.30pm

Wednesday 24th February: Built Environment and Landscape Students Presentations and Action Group Social. At 6.00pm at the Action Group HQ, the OJS

Please contact me on for more details about any of the above events. There are also more to come, watch this space!

Action Group Calender

All public events will now also be posted on the Sharrow Forum Events Calander at:

So please feel free to check or let others know to look out for what is happening over the next few months...

I have now also updated the website: