Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Thank you!

A big thank you to everyone for coming along, all the help, and for making tonight a great sucess!

We have at least three new memebers of action group, and look forward to meeting up with them soon... it is suggested that we can gather together all the ideas shared tonight and plan future projects.

I will be in contact early october to arrange our next meeting!

photos of tonights events and all the great ideas to be posted asap... watch this space!

you can contact me on

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Monday, 21 September 2009

Guide to Open Places

Do you know a place in a city...
...that is open for realising your own ideas? that allows multiple uses and programs? that is accessible for everybody? that is part of your everyday life? that you are able to utilise? that becomes alive through your action? where people come together?

Open Places set impulses, make a point and have effects. Even in regulated societies they provide niches of openness, freedom and self-determination. These places give a glimpse of what an Open City could be and look like. They are the spatial manifestation of the idea of coexistence...

Monday, 14 September 2009

Reminder: Empty Shops tour with David Parker

The tour of the shops on The Moor with David Parker will be tomorrow, Tuedsay 15th September, meeting outside the Town Hall at 10.30am prompt.

See you all then!

inspring ideas cards

I am starting to put together some cards with inspring ideas on them- hopefully to get people thinking about future projects in the area and really to update/ build on the toolkit information. I intend to also put some blanks cards up so people can add to these ideas... I have kept text to an absolute minimum, but this does include a link so that people can find out more.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Board templates

A first go at 2 boards - a key image @ A2 (each project will have one) plus the introduction text @ A4

Monday, 7 September 2009

Displays: For Housewarming

Please find below the plan for the displays for the action group room. Please contact me if you wish to write any of the introductions for the projects and/or select images etc for the projects.

Distinctive Sharrow Toolkit and Action Group Intro and aims
· Intro to the project
· Intro to the action group
· The toolkit
· Invitation to join the group
· Blog address and website address

Lloyd’s Corner
· Project intro/description
· Brief
· Masterplan
· Photos of event 1
· Photos of event 2
· Outcomes
· Future Steps

The Word on the Street
· Project description/ intro
· Brief
· Shortlisted Artists
· Stage 1- lanterns at the lantern festival, Sharrow festival and on buildings etc
· Stage 2- final design
· Publicity- Sharrow Today

· Project intro/ description
· Flag workshop photos
· Flag planning application drawings
· Photos of flags on London Road
· Publicity- Sharrow Today

Empty Shops
· Project intro/ description
· Future plans

Map of Sharrow
· Map Lloyds Corner
· Map Signpost locations
· Map Flags
· Map Thriving centres outline
· Map Lowfields/ My Place
· Map the hub
· Any grow Sheffield projects to map?

· Planning Applications
· Other documents and information from SCC and Grow Sheffield and CAN etc