Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Building Exploratory

Dear All,


I would like to throw open the offer of some space in a shop unit on London Road to the Action Group for events/ workshops or displays relating to the actions we are carrying out. This could provide us with another type of space to talk to people, bring people together and think about Sharrow's Built Environment. We hope to hire a shop unit in a prominent location from Monday 17th November- Sunday 30th November, although this will include setting up time for the displays.

A few of us are meeting on Monday 3rd November at 1.30pm in the Old Sharrow Junior School- although we can schedule an evening meeting if people would like to be involved and cannot attend at this time.

We are hoping to use the space to also exhibit the work from the Sheffield University Architecture Live Projects that have been going on during the last month in the Sharrow area so that we can consider how to take the ideas forward- make the most of all of the research that they have carried out... more info on these projects is available at

If you would like more information, please let me know.

Events with Shops.

I have contacted Alan Deadman who runs the Sharrow fringe Festival about work with local shops along london road. This is his reply:

"Yes, a few years ago when I started the Fringe I raised £20,000 from the Arts Council for 2 years worth of Fringe Festival: this enabled us to employ a number of community arts development workers to develop creative projects together with many of the local shops (Ruth & Trish were 2 of the workers): it worked very well but was of course resource intensive; if there are any ideas to beef up the Fringe Festival next year (likely to be 4th July - 18th, one side of it that I do want to big up next summer is the film element.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Sharrow Signposts brief

As part of the Distinctive Sharrow Toolkit, a small amount of funding has been made available to develop the creative part of a ‘Welcome to Sharrow’ signposts project. It is hoped that if well considered, this could be taken forward to produce the signage with support from Sheffield City Council.

Project Outcomes:
Stage 1, Design

· To develop a design for a ‘Welcome to Sharrow’ sign or signs that respond to the identity(ies) of Sharrow. The design should be very ambitious in terms of quality and concept. Adventurous, playful and critical ideas will be favoured.
· To consider where the sign(s) may be placed to have maximum impact. This may include considering what the boundaries of Sharrow are or key connections that should be made. Critical to this aspect of the project is consideration to who owns the land on which it is to be placed/ permissions required to erect it and how it fits with legislation governing highways, planning permission, and the like. Some initial research into this has been carried out, however it will be the basis for the feasibility of the project so must be thoroughly researched and relationships formed.
· To consider how and through whom the sign(s) will be manufactured. The artist will be responsible for the design fabrication and installation of the work and will work with to develop the details of the construction. The work must be durable, responding to the public environment in which it is placed.
· To cost the production/ installation of the signage and an outline idea of any maintenance that may be involved. This may include conversations with streetforce.

Stage 2, Manufacture and Installation (not included in this bid)
· The artist is required to manufacture the work and install it on site. There will be no other works on site and the artist is required to provide all equipment materials and welfare facilities. The artist will make provision to ensure that proper Health and Safety (particularly Construction, Design and Management regulations (2007) if they are deemed to apply) and working practices are observed.

Project Objectives:
To develop the identity of Sharrow as seen by those living and working in the area and within Sheffield.
To make relationships between Sharrow Community Forum, Distinctive Sharrow Action Group, local artists and the council, in order that procedures for commissioning further creative projects are explored and the council can have confidence in the process.
To work with local people or as part of a collective of local artists; these projects should be Sharrow led and develop skills within the area.

Selection Criteria
The commission will be advertised locally and nationally and three artists will be shortlisted by the panel which includes members of the Distinctive Sharrow Action Group, Sharrow community forum, Sharrow partnership and Sheffield United Football Club. The shortlisted artists will be invited to attend an interview. Applications are invited from individual artists or artist teams.

The entries will be judged by the Distinctive Sharrow Action Group and on the flowing criteria:
How the proposal responds to the brief, including the principles outlined and the findings of the Distinctive Sharrow project and the exploration of identity in the area
The feasibility of the project in terms of all aspects of its implementation such as planning permission, manufacture, cost of manufacture etc
The value that the bid is seen to represent

Commissioning Panel
The commissioning panel will consist of one member of Sharrow Community Forum, one member of Sharrow Partnership or relevant service provider associated with that particular brief (in this case could be streetforce) and two members of the Distinctive Sharrow Action Group.

Process and Timescales:

All submissions of interest to arrive by: Monday 1st December

Shortlistsing: Tuesday 2nd- Friday 12th December

Interviews of shortlisted entrants: Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th December

Project programme: Six weeks, commencing 2nd January 2009

Indicative Budget for Stage 1:
£3,000 including VAT, materials and expenses

Application process:
To register an expression of interest, please send:

· A letter of application which clearly states why you are interested in this project, your experience of this type of work and how you would approach the commission and any partnerships/ collaboration which you may be interested in creating to carry out the project. Max 1,000 words
· Breakdown of costs for the first stage of the project.
· Up to five images with descriptions of recent relevant work. This could either be in electronic or hard format.
· Details of two referees
· An SAE if you require the material to be returned

This material should be sent by post (hard copy of written documents and CD or hard copy of images) rather that by email to:

Julia Udall
Sharrow Community Forum
The Old Junior School
South View Road
S7 1BD

This material should be received no later than: 1st December 2008

Distinctive Sharrow Action Group Minutes 23/10/08

Distinctive Sharrow Action Group Minutes

The Old Junior School, Thursday 23rd October 6pm

Attendance: Rosalie Wyatt, Laurance Pattacini, Mel Pearson, Paula Ridsdale, Terry & Horatio, Julia Udall

The minutes of this meeting have now been removed. Please contact the action group at if you would like a copy of these minutes

Sharrow Community Forum: Mission, values, objectives and activities

Below is the Sharrow Forums' Mission Statement, and although the Distinctive Sharrow Action Group will have a different one, some members of the group thought that it might be useful to see what the forum had developed.

To be an active champion for the communities of Sharrow in the social, physical and economic regeneration of the area

Our VALUES are:
Equality of access
Partnership working
Cultural diversity recognised and celebrated
Equality and justice

1. To represent the needs of the people of Sharrow
a) Monitoring social and community change
b) Determining and articulating community needs
c) Lobbying policy makers as relevant
d) Providing leadership as appropriate
e) Lobbying on behalf of community need at e.g. planning, council, housing association meetings, South Sheffield Partnership meetings, Blades Partner ship
f) Contributing to the Area Panel and other strategic bodies

2. To facilitate and encourage community cohesion
a) Working to establish trust between different groups and communities
b) Co-ordinating umbrella groups, joint working and partnerships
c) Facilitating formal and informal networking
d) Connecting community, local organisations businesses and statutory bodies, facilitating discussion and brokering the differing interests

3. To encourage participative strategic planning in Sharrow
By …….
a) Promoting mutual trust and accountability across organisations
b) Developing a business plan for Sharrow Community Forum that supports the co-ordination of relevant area wide strategies
c) Influencing strategic planning in Sharrow across all themes (e.g. health, education, housing)
d) Encouraging strategic multi-organisation funding bids

4. To develop community capacity in Sharrow to engage in strategic issues
a) Encouraging and facilitating the proactive exchange of information
b) Signposting organisations and individuals to appropriate sources of information and support
c) Provision of a Job Net service
d) Co-ordinating capacity building training and resources
e) Providing resources that enable community engagement

5. To be proactive in promoting effective and active communication
a) Being proactive in the dissemination of information in the area
b) Promoting information about local cultural and faith community festivals
c) Promoting listening, discussion and communication
d) Providing a sounding board for individuals and organisations
e) Producing a newsletter for Sharrow

6. To become a sustainable organisation
a) Researching and consulting on potential methods of income generation
b) Promoting and developing sources of income
c) Developing good employment practices
d) Assessing the environmental impact of working practice

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The next meeting of the Distinctive Sharrow Action Group will be Thursday 23rd October 2008 at 6pm.
It will be held at The Old Junior School, South View Road, Sharrow, Sheffield. S7 1DB.
If you are unsure as to where this is, please contact for directions.
All Welcome


The next meeting of the Distinctive Sharrow Action Group will be this Thursday, 23rd October 2008 at 6pm.

It will be held in The Old Junior School, South View Road, Sharrow, S7 1DB

for a map please visit,:+Sheffield,+South+Yorkshire+S7+1DB.&fb=1&cid=0,0,2109330683629049332&sa=X&oi=local_result&resnum=1&ct=image
washing line of urban design
lounge here!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Some questions to get things started …

  • Should the group create and develop briefs for small interventions and commission artists and other professionals?
  • Can the group create temporary art projects, events and activity that use public spaces and explore the issues raised through the Distinctive Sharrow Toolkit (such as connections, identity, and desires for spaces and places)?
  • What are priority areas for action?
  • What opportunities do our current relationships present?
  • What skills/ links/ people/ knowledge/ relationships do we need to develop that the group currently doesn't have?