Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Lloyds Corner Brief

The Lloyds Corner Brief has now been drafted by the Distinctive Sharrow Action Group and will now be discussed with Sheffield City Council Officers. To obtain an electronic copy of this draft email Julia Udall at julia@sharrowcf.org.uk.

good news !

The planning application for flags on London Road has been granted by Development, Environment and Leisure services. The flags will be at 154, 160, 186, 232-234, 280, 173-175, 187-189, 195, 207, 239 and 253 London Road, Sheffield. The permission will last for 5 years from 27/2/2009- 22/4/2014.

The flags will be put up around the the time of the Sharrow Festival in July. So look out for them!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Next Meeting

I can confirm that we will hold the planning meeting for the Action group on Tuesday 19th May at 6.30pm in the meeting room at the Old Junior School.

It would be great to have as many of you to attend as possible as it will be to plan our activity over the next six-twelve months. This is your chance to influence what we plan to do, who we need to involve and what kinds of skills and knowledge we may need to develop.

If you are unable to attend and still wish to contribute, please email me your thoughts... Also please email me any agenda items... so far it looks like this...

Action Group Agenda

Tuesday 19th May 2009, the Old Junior School, 6:30pm

1. Apologies

2. Matters arising form previous minutes

3. Brief project update

3.1 Lloyds Corner
3.2 Flags
3.3 Sharrow Signposts
3.4 Shop Fronts

4. Forward planning
4.1 Next Priority?
4.2 Promotion and engagement of others
4.3 A space for the action group?
4.4 Thriving Centres: Our role?

5. Sharrow Fringe Festival

6. Next Meeting

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

feedback on lloyds corner

Some of the views expressed about the images for lloyds corner...

...to magnify this image for better viewing, please click on it... thank you

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Next meeting: Lloyds Corner Sub Group and Vacant Shops Sub Group

The next meeting for the Lloyds Corner sub group is Tuesday 21st April at 12.30pm

The next meeting for the art and vacant shop units sub group is Wednesday 6th May at 6.30pm

Wednesday 6th May 2009, the Old Junior School, 6:30pm

1. Attendance and Apologies

2. Project planning

-What do we want to achieve?
-How do we get artists on board? Who would like to take this forward?
-How do we get the landlords and their agents on board? Who would like to take this forward?
-How do we maintain and promote the process?
-Who will administer it?

3. Sharrow Signposts

4. Sharrow Fringe Festival

5. Next Meeting

sharrow festival

information for lloyds conrer brief

Nether Edge neighbourhood group have repaired and reconnected their gas lamp... CV will be in touch to give us more information about this process to add to the brief...

Portland Works, Photos by Helen Munro

Helen Munro of Forge Press has taken some evocative photos of Portland Works, which are now posted on to the blog... to see them and find out more about portland works please visit http://portlandworks.blogspot.com

Monday, 6 April 2009

welcome to sharrow lanterns

...lantern anagrams made from the letters spelling out 'WELCOME TO SHARROW'!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Action Group Minutes: 31st March 2009, the Old Junior School, 6pm

Present: Jean Cromar, Rosalie Wyatt, Laurence Pattacini, Julia Udall. Lu Golob, Ryan Morley
Apologies: Mel Pearson, Catherine Crompton, Paula Ridsdale, Charlotte Morgan

The minutes of this meeting have now been removed. Please contact the action group at sharrow_action@hotmail.com if you would like a copy of these minutes

Map of London Road/ Lloyds Corner 1903

...3-7 Alderson rd weas lised c 1903 trade directory as ironmonger, tailor and artificial teethmaker...cremorne beerhouse...as for sewage lamps ... made by Webbs of Brum, JEWebb patent Sewer Gas Destructors...... a set of names to conjure with? a site for a few big letters?
from RW